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90° Probes: Examples of Many Types of 90° Probes

Aerospace: Aerospace Applications (19 Pages)

Ambient Light Interference: The Option R1 filter removes ambient light pickup

Bending Light: Fiber Optic Probe Tips Can Be Polished On Angles To Bend Light As Needed

Compressor Blade Vibration: Compressor Blade Vibrations Measured with High Slew Rate Sensor

Connectorized Fiberoptics: Connectors Permit Removal and/or Replacement of Fiberoptic Tips and Cables

Cryogenics 1: Example of Cryogenic Applications

Cryogenics 2: Example of Cryogenic Applications

Cryogenics 3: Example of Cryogenic Applications (video)

Custom Applications: Example of Sensors for Soil Testing, Fracturing Fluids Testing, Gear Testing, etc.

Flywheel Development, High Speed Composite Flywheels

Friction Studies: Slip-Stick and the Evolution of Frictional Strength for Earthquake Prediction

Gas Turbine Assembly: Side-viewing Is Combined with End Viewing Fiberoptics To Measure Turbine Blade Tip Clearance

Glass Measurement: Edge Detection

Glass Measurement: Thick Glass

Glass Measurement: Encoder Discs

Glass Measurement: Contoured Glass Inspection

High Pressure: For Exposure To 1200 psi

High Temperature Fiberoptics: For Exposure To 482°C

Hot Targets: For Exposure To >600°C

In Fluids -- D Models: The Sensor Tip Is Submerged In Fluid. How Will The Sensor Respond?

In Fluids -- RC Models: The Sensor Tip Is Submerged In Fluid. How Will The Sensor Respond?

Ink Jet Printers: How to Determine the Optimum Distance Between the Printhead and the Paper

Intrinsic Safety: Use Fiberoptics When Intrinsic Safety Is Required

Long Fiberoptic Cables: Standard Fiberoptic Cabling is 3 Feet Long. Extended cables lengths >15 m are available.

Magnetic Fields: Sensor Options For Measurements In High Magnetic Fields

Mars Rover Mission: Philtec Sensors Contribute To The Success of the 2003 NASA/JPL Mars Rover Mission

Measure in Vacuum: Philtec's Complete Line of Fiberoptic Passthru Solutions are presented for Low, Medium and Ultra-High Vacuum Applications

Measure to 100mm: How To Extend Operating Ranges With Offset and Gain Options

Misalignment: Type D Sensor Applications with Tilt

Misalignment: RC vs. D Models with Target Misalignment

Misalignment: Monitoring Co-Planarity During Semiconductor Manufacturing

MRI Sensor: Gap Sensors For MRI Applications

Multi-Channel Vacuum Passthru: A Vacuum Passthru For 8 Sensor Channels Is Space Saving and Cost Effective

Needle Brg Inspection: Small Fiberoptic Sensors Are A Good Choice For Missing Parts Inspection

Piston Stroke: Top-Dead-Center Piston Position of IC Engines is Measured

Radiation: Effects of Gamma Radiation are Discussed

Radiation: Radiation Resistant Sensor Systems

Reflectance Dependent Sensors: Shows How Changing Target Reflectivity Effects D Type Sensor Output

Reflectance Compensated Sensors: Shows How RC Type Sensors Respond To Specular and Diffuse Reflective Targets

Reflectance Compensation: The Effectiveness of Reflectance Compensation Is Demonstrated

Reflection Interference: How To Avoid Reflection Interference

Retro-Reflective Targets: Use Retro-Reflective Tape To Enhance Sensor Performance

Rotor Runout - Hard Disc Drive: Hard Disc Drive Wobble Is Measured

Rotor Runout - 90° Probes: High Speed Shaft Runout Measurements Are Made With Right Angle Probes

Rotor Runout - Pump Shaft Vibrations: Side-Viewing Sensors Are Used To Measure Shaft Orbit & Vibrations In Tight Spaces

Rust: How To Make Accurate Measurements To Textured Surfaces

Shock Tests: Side-Viewing Sensors Are Used To Capture Dynamic Measurements In Tight Spaces

Temperature Limits: Information on Temperature Limits of Philtec Sensor Tips, Cables, and Electonics.

Temperature Stabilization: Temperature Stabilized Amplifiers Are Recommended Where Long term Stability is Required

Thread Inspection: Dual Headed Probes For Internal Thread Inspection

Turbine Blade Tip Clearance: Wireless Sensors For Blade Tip Clearance Measurements

Vacuum Passthru for UHV: Single-Port Weldable Vacuum Passthru Fitting

Small Valve Dynamics: Small Valve Engine Applications Are Discussed

Diesel Engine Valve Stroke: Diesel Engine Valve Applications Are Discussed