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Technical Papers

Ball Bearing Performance Analysis

Monitoring and Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings Using the Fiber-Optic Bearing Monitor, Presented at the International Instrumentation Symposium, May, 1987.

Bearing Performance Investigations Through Speed Ratio Measurements, ASLE Transactions, April, 1978.

Compressor Engineering

Blade Tip Timing Compressor Blade Vibrations Measured with High Slew Rate Sensor, 2009

Using PV Diagram Synchronized With the Valve Functioning To Increase Efficiency on the Reciprocating Hermetic Compressors, Int'l Compressor Eng'g Conference, 2010

Valve Dynamic Measurements in a VIP Compressor, Int'l Compressor Eng'g Conference, 2000

Earthquake Prediction

Slip-Stick and the Evolution of Frictional Strength, NATURE 2010

Supplementary Information, Nature, doi: 10.1038/nature08676.

Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor Development

Evaluating the Sensitivity of a Fiber-Optic Displacement Sensor, SENSORS, February, 1995.

F-O Displacement Sensors for Dynamic Measurement, SENSORS, September, 1992.