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DMS Operating Software & Firmware

Software Downloads:

  DMS Control Application (Windows XP or greater):

DMS Control Version 2.503

    note:    Unzip file and run setup.exe
                Minimum  Sensor Firmware version:
                    DMS, mDMS, muDMS: 2.615
                    microDMS: 3.301

  Firmware Update Application:

Firmware Update 2017-1002

    note:    Unzip file and run setup.exe

  LabVew Examples:

LabView Examples (2018-01-19) (LV 2013, older compiler versions on request)

    Older versions of DMS control:

DMS Control Version 1.815

DMS Control Version 1.811

DMS Control Version 1.750

DMS Control Version 1.733

        DMS control Version 1.51 exe installer

   CMS Control Application (Windows 8 or greater):
    note:For wireless modules only
            Optimized for tablet display

        CMS Control Version 4.11

        CMS Control Version 4.10

Starting with version 2.606 the sensor will default to 19.2Kbps after powerup. The sensor speed can then be changed to a new value. If you need the sensor to remain at another bps after power up use the 'r' channel command (RS232 force) to permanently turn this feature off in your sensor.


Image of tutorial

Tutorial video

RS232 Command Reference
Note: Serial port commands are the same for both the full size DMS and the miniDMS.