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Photo of Airbus

Flight Tests

Airbus 380 Flight Test

Philtec sensors were used to measure Thrust Reverser performance during static and flight tests of the A380. 90° Probe measured the distance between the inverter and engine.

Sensor Requirements

  • ±15 mm Displacement
  • -55°C to 150°C
  • 90° Sensor Probes
  • 300 Hz Frequency Response

Flight Test Sensors

Fiberoptic Tachometer

  • Weight: 2 lbs. amplifier; 3/4 lb. each fiberoptic ass'y
  • Displacement Range: 2 inch (50 mm)
  • Vibration: 5 g rms, 5 Hz -2KHz, in any axis
  • MS style connector for (+28 volt) input power and output signal
  • Detachable Probes, Straight Tips and 90°Tips
  • Tip Operating temp. -45C to 200C

Small Flight Test Sensors

A customer required the smallest sensor for integration into a flying object.

Sensor Features

  • Electronics Weight : 6.5 ounces
  • Input/Output via Micro-D Connector MIL-DTL-83513
  • Grounded Enclosure with Thru Hole Mounting

Icing Research

  • 90° Sensor Tips
  • Measure Wing Tip Vibrations
  • With Icing Conditions