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A PVC jacket over a flat steel ribbon monocoil is the standard cable sheathing, which is an excellent combination for general purpose usage.


Other cable sheathings are available for special applications. Interlocking Stainless Steel, Option C1, is the most popular alternative sheathing, providing the highest temperature capability and maximum crush resistance with good flexibility. It is also a good choice for high vacuum and cryogenic applications.


  1. Sensors with the longest cables have 2x higher noise levels.
  2. Please consult the factory when combining Options B,E and/or H.

CABLE JACKET Options-click to see all

Photo of Cable Sheathing Options
Model Temperature Range Materials Features
Standard+10° to +105° C PVC over Steel MonocoilGood general purpose, moderate crush resistance, moderate tensile strength
C1-270° to +800° C Interlocking Stainless SteelMaximum strength & temperature range, good flexibility

-68° to +220°C

Silicone Coated Fiberglass over steel Monocoil Higher Temperature Range Than Std PVC/Monocoil
C3-62° to +232° C Silicone over PTFE WrapLight crush resistance, no tensile strength, short lengths only (<2 m)
C4-40° to +104° C Corrugated Plastic HoseGood flexibility, good crush resistance, liquid tight, MRI compatible. Available O.D. sizes > 16 mm
C5-150° to +260° C PTFE over SS InterlokCrush proof, liquid tight vapor barrier protection, very poor flexibility
C6 +10° to +105° C

PVC over Nylon Wrap

Light crush resistance, liquid tight, MRI compatible, good for long lengths,
C7 -150° to +260° C PTFE MRI and vacuum compatible, poor flexibility. Clear PTFE is susceptible to ambient light interference. Opaque PTFE is available in limited sizes
C8+10° to +107° C PVC Shrinkwrap Small, flexibile, no crush resistance, MRI compatible, long lengths OK.
C9 -150° to +850° C

Annealed SS tubing

Semi-rigid, liquid tight, crush proof, good for high temperature, high pressure, high vibration
C10 -62° to +232° C Silicone Over SS Interlok Good flexibility, crush proof, liquid tight.
C11 -55° to +300° C Polyolefin Shrink Tubing Semi-Flexible, liquid tight, thin wall vapor barrier, not crush proof. MRI, BIO and vacuum compatible, radiation resistant
C12 -55° to +300° C Polyolefin over SS interlok Crush proof, semi-flexible, liquid tight, vapor barrier, vacuum compatible
C13 +10 to 85°C

Furcation Tubing

PVC over Kevlar over Polypropylene.

Kevlar fibers prevent stretching. Good for small fiber sensors, D20 or RC20 and smaller. MRI compatible and liquid tight. Light crush resistance but not kinkproof.
C14 -55 to +200°C Braided SS over PTFE Very poor flexibility, liquid tight, crush proof. Good for high pressure applications. Available O.D. sizes 0.312" (with 2" bend radius) and larger
E   Extra length of fiberoptic cable. Standard Cable Lengths are 3 feet. For lengths exceeding 3 ft., specify Option E and give total Cable Length, 49 Feet Maximum (15 m) without in-line connectors. Glass fibers having light beam spreads of 25, 30 and 66° are used to produce Philtec sensors. The narrower beams give longer operating ranges.

  • 25° fiber can be used with continuous lengths up to 10 feet.
  • 30° fiber can be used with continuous lengths up to 29 feet.
  • 66° fiber can be used with continuous lengths up to 49 feet.