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Tip Options - click to see all

Photo of tip options
Option Code Feature
T1 Customized sensor tip, straight
T2 Custom Sensor Tip, Straight and Threaded, Standard Lengths
T3 Custom Sensor Tip, Non-metallic, Peek or Torlon
T4 Simple right angle tip
T5 Square body right angle tip, unthreaded
T6 Square body right angle tip, threaded
T7 Special tip made to customer specifications
T8 High temperature tip, 350°C max.
T9 High temperature tip, 450°C max.
T10 High Temperature Tip, >500°C, Quartz Fibers. 800°C Max.
T11 Custom Sensor Tip, Metallic, non-magnetic, Brass or Aluminum
T12 Custom Sensor Tip, Invar for Low CTE
S Side-viewing sensor tip
W Adds a sapphire window epoxied into the sensor tip. For high pressure or vacuum
Wb Adds a sapphire window brazed to the sensor tip