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Full Product Catalog

The latest Philtec product catalog (PDF).


Analog Output Sensors ... Data Sheets

Analog sensors are fast responding units ideal for relative motion measurements in dynamic applcations with speeds up to 1 MHz.

Digital Output Sensors ... Data Sheets

Digital sensors provide linearized distance output via RS232 or USB with 5000 S/S maximum data rates.

Sensor System Configurations ... Learn more

Sensors can be connectorized in a variety of ways.

Spare Tips ... Learn more

Spare tips are available with in-line or bulkhead mounted connectors.

Wireless Sensors ... Learn more

Accessory pack enables Philtec mDMS sensors with serial output to be operated in wired or wireless modes.

Turbine Blade Tip Clearance Measurement Systems ... Learn more

Wireless probes measure turbine blade tip clearances in cold condition.

Vacuum Passthru Hardware ... Learn more

Vacuum passthru hardware for low vacuum to UHV.