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Direction of Target Motion

D models are commonly used for measurements to objects moving parallel to the axis of the sensor.

D motion sensor

RC models are good for single axis measurements as well as for measurements to objects moving past the sensor.

RC motion sensor

Target Motion

Two types of fiber optics are available:

  1. Reflectance Dependent - D Type - Read our D Sensor Application Note
  2. Reflectance Compensated - RC Type - Read our RC Sensor Application Note

How to Build a Sensor

  1. Choose D or RC type
    • based upon Direction of Target Motion
  2. Select Model Based Upon
    • Range of Motion
    • Standoff Distance
    • Resolution
    • Target Spot Size
  3. Select Sensor Tip Design
  4. Select FiberopticCable Materials To Suit Application
  5. Connectorize The System As Desired
  6. Select Analog or Digital Output Package
    • Analog Sensors are fast responding units for dynamic applications with 20 KHz standard¬†bandwidths.
      • Bandwidths¬†exceeding 1 megahertz are optional.
    • Digital Systems are the best choice for precision gaging applications with a 5 KHz maximum sampling rate.
      • Sensor Calibrations Are Stored On-board
      • Sensor Output Is Linearized Over the Whole Operating Range