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Applications for Vacuum Passthru:

  • in high electrical fields
  • in high magnetic fields
  • at high temperatures
  • at cryogenic temperatures
  • in cryogenic fluids
  • in ultra high vacuum

Vacuum Passthru Hardware

Fiberoptic Displacement Sensors are ideal for displacement and position measurements in vacuum. They have a wide temperature range, are UV compatible, small in size and can have sub-micron accuracy.

Philtec vacuum passthru hardware enables installation of fiberoptic probes into vacuum chambers over a wide variety of applications.

Summary of Vacuum States:

Vacuum Quality Torr Pascal Philtec Model
Ambient 760 101kPa all
Low 760 to 25 100 to 3 kPa Fv1, Fv2, Fv3
Medium 25 to 1E-3 3 kPa to 100 mPa Fv1, Fv2, Fv3
High 1E-3 to 1E-7 100 mPa to 1 nPa Bv1, BvF, W
Ultra High 1E-7 to 1E-12 100 nPa to 100 pPa Bv2, Bv3, Bv4, Wb
Outer Space 1E-6 to ‹3E-17 100 uPa to ‹fPa  
Perfect 0 0  

Hardware Summary:

Model Hardware Channels Sensor
Bv1 Single D or RC 10-7
Bv133 Single D or RC 10-7
Bv2 Single D 10-11
Bv3 Single RC 10-11
BvF - CF Multi D and RC 10-7
BvF - ISO Multi D and RC 10-7




Single D or RC 10-4
W Single D or RC 10-7
Wb Single D or RC 10-11